Preventative Care

I provide vaccinations, fecal examinations, deworming, heartworm testing and prevention, anal gland expression, nail trimming, ear cleanings, microchipping and other preventative care all to keep your pet healthy and prevent disease.


Medical Care

If your pet is sick I will perform a comprehensive examination and have the ability to perform blood work evaluations and other important diagnostic procedures. After the diagnosis is made, I will offer a range of options to treat your pet's illness.


Minor Surgery

With safe and effective sedation I have the ability to perform sedated dentistry, laceration repairs, minor mass removals and other minor surgical procedures.

End of Life Care


Quality of Life Evaluations

I realize that your pet is your very best friend.  When your pet is getting older or is suffering from a terminal illness I can provide pain management strategies and end of life counseling.

In Home Euthanasia

I provide a calm, peaceful and compassionate passing in your own home where your pet feels most comfortable.

I partner with Homeward Bound/Lasting Paws Memorial for all of your cremation needs.